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Basic Program

The Basic Program focuses on legal office procedures, document preparation and legal principles.
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Topics Covered

  • What it means to be a Lawyer's Assistant
  • Careers in the legal field
  • File Set-up and Maintenance
  • Court Systems
  • Document Management
  • Pre-Trial Preparation
  • Legal Forms and Procedures
  • Trial Documents
  • Ethics
  • and much more...

Why Lawyer's Assistant Institute (LAI)

With over 25 years experience in legal staffing and over 15 years in the legal training field, we have finally developed a way to train individuals to learn on their own. This program is an excellent way to learn a trade while in the privacy of your own home. Our program is comprehensive, detailed and allows for the freedom to work at your own pace. We have over 100 students who have completed the program. All of whom, who have obtained positions in and around the legal profession.

The Lawyer's Assistant Institute will allow you to learn the skills needed to become a Lawyer's Assistant. You will learn valuable information about time management, file maintenance and administrative office procedures. When you become a lawyer's assistant you will discover many interesting and varied responsibilities. You will be doing a job that is critical to aiding in the law office running efficiently and smoothly, all while earning the respect of the lawyers you will be supporting. You will learn skills that are in demand and have the opportunity to earn great money in a profession that will always exist. As a trained legal secretary, you will be able to work in a law firm, corporate legal department, government agency or any other legal related field. You will support lawyers, paralegals, judges and other legal professionals.

Our program includes all the lessons and learning aids. There will also be opportunities to enhance these lessons with additional educational tools. In your own time and pace you will be able to gather all the skills necessary to enter the legal profession. In today's litigious society, Lawyer's Assistants can earn an average of $51,000.00 per year. But with experience can earn over $81,000.00 per year.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports the demand for Lawyer's Assistants will increase nearly 19.5% by 2019. That is over 290,000 new job openings by 2019.

Proud to be a Lawyer's Assistant By Carol Ann Wilson - click here to read

I have been in the legal field for 15 years and taking this course has helped me tremendously. It has helped me refresh my understanding of the role of a Legal Secretary and the different aspects of the Legal System and skills required to work in this field... read more