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Basic Program

The Basic Program focuses on legal office procedures, document preparation and legal principles.
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Topics Covered

  • What it means to be a Lawyer's Assistant
  • Careers in the legal field
  • File Set-up and Maintenance
  • Court Systems
  • Document Management
  • Pre-Trial Preparation
  • Legal Forms and Procedures
  • Trial Documents
  • Ethics
  • and much more...


When I first enrolled in LAI's lawyer's assistant program, I thought I was going to get the basic information most other courses offer, but during the classes, I realized this course was different. The information provided was taught by experienced individuals already in the legal field. Everything that I was taught was up to date with all the current laws and court's rules and regulations.The text books provided to me during the course have helped me to this day. Being able to put this course on my resume has helped my salary increase by more than 30%. The class motivated me to continue my education and obtain a Paralegal certificate and I have now have a new career as a paralegal in one of the most prestigious law firms in Wilmington.

Jennifer L.



I have been in the legal field for 15 years and taking this course has helped me tremendously. It has helped me refresh my understanding of the role of a Lawyer's Assistant and the different aspects of the Legal System and skills required to work in this field. The course is very informative and would be valuable to someone that is just entering the field or someone that wants to brush up on their skills. The material is easy to understand, especially Chapter 7 - Preparation of legal documents. It helped me refresh my knowledge and gave me tips for the future. The quizzes are also a nice guide to evaluating your progress through out the course. I have enjoyed this course and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that has interest in the the legal field.

Kate D.



After two short months I was working as full-time legal assistant. After a year I moved on to a paralegal position with a 15% salary increase. Now I have found a perfect fit at a firm that is flexible with my demanding family needs and rewarding after 2 months of completing the LAI program.

Sharon K.



The LAI program is a great way to earn your lawyer's assistant training because of the cost and the amount of information I learned in such a short time. I learned so much about court systems and litigation procedures from the Basic Lawyer's Assistant Training Program. The program helped me gain knowledge of the legal office procedures I will need to be an important part of an attorneys profession. The Lawyer's Assistant Institute helped me to become very skilled at maintaining significant files, setting up a Tickler system, and becoming familiar with the litigation process.

Julie A.